The love i thought i had

I was so broken and lost

My energy drained,life seems meaningless.

I felt empty as I’ve got a body but no soul

Surrounded by darkness, overwhelmed with dishonor

      *Then you came
Finding happiness in your smile

Was a joy I never knew existed

Your touch brought me warmth

Looking forward to the day next

Was never in my fantasy

      *Until you changed
Our passionate kisses became slight pecks

Your rapt attention turned silent nods

Holding hands became handshakes

Every minute calls turned rarely every 72 hours

Your tight hugs became waves

Faraway waves I never knew meant bye

    *Then you left 
Saying you care was a cold hearted lie

I said hold my hands but you left

When you said you’ll love me always

I never knew it wasn’t forever

Never want to believe all those days were lies

But you never for once looked back

    *More broken than ever
You left me so broken beyond repair

Those lovey moments between us, made me wish I never met you

I’m so pained I want to shed uncontrollable tears

But they ceased to pour

Because my face is stained with due tears

In my mind,the memory of you will stay

But wounds heal and I’ll move on

The love I thought I had…